In Possession

Teams are coached in our “Possession with a purpose” style, and play an offensive style of soccer based on quick ball movement. Our teams play through the thirds of the field, and playing out of the back using the goalkeeper and defenders is the foundation upon which this progressive possession-based playing style is based.

Out of Possession

Out of possession we attempt to deny the opposition space and time through intelligent collective pressing.

In Transition

During transition we play with intensity to try to immediately win the ball back within 6 seconds in defense, or break at speed with an end product in attack.

Training Environment

To achieve this style of play, we create an optimal training environment.

The Right People, teaching the Right Things, in the Right Way, the City SC Way.

Our unique training environment is made up of:

  • High level coaches, who have a plan, believe in the plan, and execute the plan

  • High level players, who are dedicated to making themselves the best version of themselves they can be, through a commitment to the program

  • Individual care and attention, through our IDP’s, strength and conditioning components, futsal, technical development sessions, position specific training session, and video analysis program

  • Collaboration between our coaches and players creates a positive learning environment and culture of responsibility, accountability and development of each individual within the team setting