Goals of the coaches in providing a comprehensive soccer education:

  • To develop high-level technical players who demonstrate excellent decision making capabilities in game situations

  • To educate players in the City SC playing style and philosophy

  • To develop young men and women who will make a positive impact on their community

  • To teach players using a variety of methods that develop “soccer IQ”

Club Curriculum

To achieve these goals we have a fully functioning club curriculum which provides a year round plan and framework for developing players in the City SC style of play. Our curriculum is guided by the following principles:

80:20 Rule

We believe in the Pareto Principle, or the 80:20 rule, which states that 80% of results can be attributed to 20% of activities performed. With that in mind, our curriculum focuses more on achieving technical and tactical excellence in a smaller number of areas which are directly linked to our club style of play.

Sequential Progression Of Training

The organization of our training plan is sequential in the way that it teaches core components in a logical progressive manner relative to our “possession with a purpose” style of play. For example, our players will first learn how to “play out of the back,” which will act as a foundation for moving to the next phase, which is attacking in the middle and final thirds of the field.

Cumulative Progression Of Training

As well as learning sequentially the teaching of the core areas is also cumulative throughout the yearly plan, whenever a component of the curriculum is re-visited, players are challenged in more complex ways, with greater number of players, and higher speed of play, which requires more precise application of technique and tactical decisions in game scenarios.