2024/25 Club Registration Fees

City SC Lake Elsinore is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are committed to providing high value programming while keeping costs as low as possible for our membership.

The competitive season at City SC is a year-round program. Registration fees cover the costs of professional coaches, US Soccer/Association fees and insurance costs, administrative fees, league fees (SOCAL, DPL-O, EA, etc.), equipment, fields/facility usage fees, lights, referees, team training camp, goalkeeper training program, select skills clinics, college recruitment services and resources (ScoutingZone subscription/full time college liaison). In addition to our coaching staff, we employ a full-time administrative staff to oversee all club operations and provide customer service and support to all our members and teams.


  • Professionally licensed coach
  • Standardized curriculum and year-round coaching education program for staff
  • Year-round training program
  • SoCal League teams average two training sessions a week for roughly 40 weeks with scheduled time off dispersed throughout the season
  • Pre-Season Scrimmages as organized by coach
  • Spring Friendlies/Scrimmages for older teams OR a 6-game Spring League program for 7v7 and 9v9
  • 10-12 Fall League Games for SoCal League teams
  • referee fees for all SOCAL and Elite Academy League games
  • Scouting Zone subscription for high school age groups
  • 1 formal written player evaluation from your coach
  • Access to college recruitment resources and full-time college liaisons for older players
  • Learn life lessons through sport, build lifelong friendships and lots of FUN!

    EA/DPL-O Specific Add-Ons

    • 20 Games for EA and 6 games for DPL-O teams
    • All EA/DPL-O games filmed with Veo Cameras (footage accessible to all players)
    • EA Includes full Fall and Spring League schedules

    Season Fees

    We remain the only club in the region to not require an upfront deposit. For your convenience, we have very generous payment plans available.

    • There are no finance fees for payment plans.
    • We do not ask for late fees.
    • There are no raffles nor mandatory fundraisers.
    • There are no refunds on membership fees.
    • Uniforms/training gear and tournament fees are not included below.
    • The uniform cycles are two years with the new one starting March 2024 and ending March 2026.
    • 5% discount offered at registration for paying in full.
    Year Format Reg Fee
    2019 Dev $600
    2018 7v7 $1,095
    2017 7v7 $1,395
    2016 7v7 $1,395
    2015 7v7 $1,395
    2014 9v9 $1,595
    2013 9v9 $1,595
    2012 11v11 $1,795
    2011 11v11 $1,795
    2010 11v11 $1,795
    2009 11v11 $1,795
    2008 11v11 $1,795
    2007 11v11 $1,795
    2006 11v11 $1,795